Patient Evaluation

John Gorecki, MD approaches each patient’s evaluation and history as you might approach the piecing together of a complex puzzle. No two patient conditions are exactly the same. He will carefully listen and conduct a thorough evaluation that includes getting to know your medical history, a physical examination, and spending time studying the imaging of your brain or spine.

Dr. John Gorecki will work to collaborate with you and provide you with a definitive neurosurgical answer. When possible, the answer may involve conservative management. If conservative management fails, the answer may mean surgery. Dr. Gorecki strongly believes that all patients deserve an answer, even in cases where the ideal treatment isn’t surgery or when the short-term answer is to seek additional information. Rest assured; if your Neurosurgery Answer involves Dr. John Gorecki providing surgery, he has the training, long-term experience and advanced skills necessary to meet the answer with excellence and help ensure positive patient outcomes.

What sets Dr. John Gorecki apart is his ability to relate to patients. He is a great teacher and communicator and goes the extra mile to explain complex diagnoses and treatments to patients and their families.
— Jay Hortenstine, MD, Chief of Urology, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group

Patient Education

Today’s patient has access to many sources of education through the internet. John Gorecki, MD believes that education is a vital part of your healing, and he will collaborate with you to determine the best neurosurgical solution for your individual circumstance. At Neurosurgery Answer, Dr. Gorecki will spend significant time with you, explaining in detail your specific diagnosis, treatment options and expected outcome. You as the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions, weigh your options and make informed decisions about your care. John Gorecki, MD wants each patient to be involved in their health, their specific diagnosis, intervention and recovery process. 

Ultimately, the “Neurosurgery Answer” Dr. John Gorecki provides you is an educational process designed to benefit you as the patient and is a positive step you can take for your overall health and well-being.