Patient Testimonials

When I first met Dr. Gorecki my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t hold a Styrofoam cup without my fingers piercing through it. A two minute task would take me thirty minutes to complete. I was ready to give up my heating & air business because I thought treatment would be too difficult, but now that I’ve tried DBS, I can say it’s totally worth it! I’m back to work and feel the best I have in years, and it only required a short hospital stay. The Northside nursing team was fantastic and Dr. Gorecki made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. His calm and focused demeanor gave me the confidence to try the procedure and I’m so grateful I did!
— Gary Teesateskie, Deep Brain Stimulation Patient
I was taking 14 pills a day and I couldn’t do my work in real estate, hold a cup or prepare dinner. The Deep Brain Surgery I received from Dr. Gorecki has changed my life. I no longer have the tremor. I have a new lease on life!
— Anne McBride, DBS patient
Dr. Gorecki did a deep brain stimulation on my mother and she no longer has the horrible tremor. He was so caring and detailed with my mom. He is a fantastic neurosurgeon. He has really helped my family.
— IG, Review, June 2, 2015
Dr. Gorecki was very kind and really listened to me and spent some time explaining the procedure I needed. He reviewed my CT scans in depth with me. I never felt rushed at all in his office. The surgery was performed at NEGMC and they were great also. I would very highly recommend Dr. Gorecki to anyone needing back surgery. I just can’t say enough good things about this wonderful doctor.
— Lori M, Review, Mar 5, 2014
Excellent surgeon. He spent significant time with me and explained everything to me going on with my spine. I feel confident with him.
— William M., Jan 23, 2016
An exceptional neurosurgeon for most that ails you when it comes to your spine, from your neck to your tailbone.
— Review, July 7, 2007
This amazing doctor helped my daughter so much. He is kind and has excellent skill.
— Review, June 2, 2015
Very professional. Great doctor. I had already been through 2 years of tests and other doctors and knew what was wrong with me but waited to see what he came up with. He got in one consultation and one follow up following tests the complete results that a took a combination of other Drs. Very impressed with his knowledge.
— Review, May 17, 2010
I was given Dr. Gorecki’s name as a referral from a friend who said he was excellent. My overall experience with Dr. Gorecki and his staff was very positive. He corrected my severe spine problem with surgery and with little to no pain afterwards. He was very attentive to my needs in the hospital and follow up appointments.
— Review, Sept 18, 2014
First, I want to assure all people considering Dr. Gorecki as their surgeon, that he immediately addressed my pain level and provided much needed relief until day of surgery. Based on my recovery of lower back surgery, I am extremely pleased with the results. I no longer require pain meds and discomfort is minimal after six weeks. Given the “odds” of surgery having less than acceptable percentage rate success, I can honestly say Dr. Gorecki surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend anyone facing this operation to consult with Dr. Gorecki. Closely following his after surgery advice, I am confident I will recover with nearly 100 percent mobility. Thank you Dr. Gorecki for your exceptional gift to restore normalcy to my life.
— Sandra, Review, Sep 30, 2013
Very caring physician. Knowledgeable. Factual. He did surgery on my grandmother and she is completely recovered
— Review, Jun 29, 2011
I had horrible pain in my leg and back. Dr. Gorecki was thorough in my examination and in surgery. I know longer have back or leg pain. I am thankful for this caring doctor.
— Review, Oct 5, 2012

Physician Testimonials

Dr. John Gorecki upholds the highest clinical standards and with his functional and stereotactic surgical program, brought a new level of care to our community.
— Allen Butts, MD, FACS, The Longstreet Clinic, President
I was quickly impressed by Dr. Gorecki’s depth of knowledge in Medicine in general and in Neurosurgery in particular. He has consistently delivered great patient care.
— Andre M. Kallab, MD, FACS Oncologist, Chairman of the Cancer Committee for Northeast Georgia Medical Center.
I can attest to the remarkable improvements the Deep Brain Stimulation patients experience after surgery.
— Shaena Blevins, MD Neurologist, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group.
What sets Dr. John Gorecki apart is his ability to relate to patients. He is a great teacher and communicator and goes the extra mile to explain complex diagnoses and treatments to patients. Dr. Gorecki has earned the love and admiration of his patients and the trust and respect of the medical community and their families.
— Jay Hortenstine, MD, Chief of Urology, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group